Do you feel stuck or frustrated… Are you trying to manage it all on your own?

Finally, discover what you need to do right now to turn your life around and live a life filled with purpose, dignity, and joy.


    You’re in the right place if you dream of having…

  • The tools to manage your emotions
  • The strength and confidence to live through the day without needing a drink or a pain killer
  • The ability to go to sleep without having to knock yourself out with a handful of pills or alcohol
  • The freedom to enjoy life, family, and friends
  • The ability to prosper in your business by helping others around you

But you might be feeling overwhelmed, stuck or frustrated. You may even have tried to kick your habit before, by yourself, or even in another rehab program. But just because it didn’t work before, doesn’t mean it can’t work for you now.

You know you’re out of control, and things are only going to get worse unless you put the brakes on right now. You also know you’re putting all the people who love you through an emotional wringer.

But we know what you’re going through, and you’re not alone! Our staff of counselors and therapists has already helped thousands of executives and professionals just like you learn to live free of the addictions that hold them down and destroy their lives.

Think you're ready? Check out our Readiness Quiz...

Readiness Pre-qualifier

  1. Do you believe you can control how much you drink or use drugs?
  2. If not, does it interfere with your life, family, or work?
  3. If it does, do you think you can fix things on your own?
  4. If you can’t, would you be willing to accept help from someone else?
  5. Would you be willing to take time off from work to help heal and recover?

Threat Profile

  1. Are you worried treatment might “hurt”?
  2. Are you afraid of losing personal freedom, dignity, or being “locked up”?
  3. Do you feel confident the right kind of program could work for you?
  4. Do you think your business might fail if you step away from it for a while?
  5. Do you feel an investment in yourself is worth it?

Commitment Profile

  1. Have you been searching for a treatment center?
  2. Have you actually visited a residential facility already?
  3. Have you ever received residential treatment before?
  4. If it didn’t work, are you willing to try one again?
  5. Are you willing to do whatever it takes to stop anything that’s holding you back?

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