Get big ROI on your investment into recovery with Greenestone’s one-of-a-kind service and practices!

Make Sense of Your Dollars

Addictions aren’t cheap. Many of our clients spend a thousand dollars or more a week on drugs or alcohol. And that cost along with exorbitant legal and medical fees from DUI’s and other court appearances that typically accompany addiction, will only continue to spiral.

Consider also that you’re losing your business or your career because of your addiction, and that can easily add another six or even figures to the total. And of course you can’t begin to put a price on what losing your family and friends costs. So isn’t it about time to do something about your addiction?

Spend Wisely

Everything in business (or in life for that matter) has a cost, but there is no better way to use your money than to make an investment in yourself… because that doesn’t cost, it pays. So our goal here is to maximize the “profit” you will gain by taking charge of your addiction. Understand, however, that the treatment you will receive at our residential addiction center is not something OHIP is going to cover. But realize too, you’re worth it… and the cost to you, your family, and your business will far exceed anything you’ll pay for your stay with us.

Get on the Right Track

Many alcohol and drug abusers typically “yo-yo” from one treatment facility to the next. We don’t want that to happen to you. We are very proud of the success rate of our residential addiction program. And the “aftercare” of continued therapy that is available through our partners in Toronto, will make sure your road to recovery progresses effectively. Although we’ll certainly enjoy having you as our resident in Muskoka, we really don’t want you to keep coming back for an annual detox.



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