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Everything Centers Around You

Greenestone’s “Holistic Addiction Recovery Program” combines education with individual, group, and recreational therapy to treat the whole you… your body, mind, and spirit. And every Recovery Plan we create is totally focused on your individual needs and goals.

We base our treatment protocols on best medical practice and evidence-based research, which keeps us on the cutting edge of addiction treatment and recovery, and  ensures that you will get the best possible care.

Road to Recovery

Addiction is a relentless, progressively debilitating disease that won’t go away by itself, can’t be cured by a pill, and can’t be controlled by willpower alone. At its core it is a way to escape from and cope with the anxieties and hurts of life. But regardless of the addictive substance (or behavior) that is now ruling your life, the physiological dependency you’ve developed has produced actual changes in your body that can alter the chemistry and even the very structure of your brain. That’s why it’s virtually impossible for you to control your cravings by yourself, no matter how much you want to stop them.

We Can Help Stop the Hurt

At Greenestone our therapists can help you uncover and deal with the underlying root cause (often a physical or emotional trauma) that led to your dependency. We can help you medically detox from the effects of alcohol or other addictive substances, and teach you social skills to help you overcome your cravings. And we can do this in a 30-90 day program in the resort-like setting of our Muskoka residential treatment facility.



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