What to Expect…

“GreeneStone is a very special place. There’s a kind of magic in the crisp air up here that soothes the spirit and heals old wounds of the heart.”

The Greenestone Experience is something quite different for everyone who stays here. Although all residents follow a structured course of treatment, the way each resident responds to the environment, the facility, and our therapists… what we call the Greenestone Experience…is individually unique.

lodge copyWhat’s it really like living at Greenestone?

“The day at Greenestone begins the way you want it to… with a steamy hot shower, an incredible omelet, or just a cup of coffee with friends on the veranda. Some residents here like to workout in the weight room first thing in the morning, or meditate, but I just like to walk along the lake and chase a duck or two. By nine o’clock though, our work day begins…”

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Treatment Timeline for Alcohol or Drug Abuse

No matter how long you choose to stay with us, every treatment plan follows the same basic timeline. Depending on your individual circumstances, needs, and goals one period may be longer or shorter than another resident’s treatment plan. But every resident will go through these different stages in their stay with us.

GreeneStone Residential Addiction Treatment Plans*

Most residents stay with us from 30-45 days, but you may choose a Residential Treatment Plan that lasts anywhere from 30-90 days. Of course we will help you choose a treatment plan that we feel will do you the most good. However, the choice is yours. The time we recommend you choose to stay with us will be based on your goals, available time, budgetary constraints, and the severity of your concerns.

The term of residency at GreeneStone is not cast in stone, and neither is what we include in your personalized addiction/abuse treatment plan. The plans below are typical of what residents choose, but the features merely indicate what we can offer during that period.

*GreeneStone is a self-pay treatment center. We don’t accept OHIP, ObamaCare, or private insurance plans. However, we can help arrange financing or a payment schedule to suit your financial needs. Just CALL to find out how we can help.

Standard Residency
30 Days
Extended Residency
60 Days
Custom Residency
90+ Days
Initial Assessment/Evaluation
Stabilizing Detox
24/7 Access to Medical Staff
All Meals
Use of All Facilities/Amenities
Spa/Sauna/Therapeutic Massage
Individual Counseling/Therapy
Group Therapy
Recreational Therapy
Spiritual Therapy
Nutritional Counseling
Wellness/Fitness Counseling
Develop Coping/Social Skills
Develop Interpersonal Skills
Develop Discharge/Aftercare Plan
Ready for help? Ready for help? Ready for help?