We treat the whole you… your body, mind, and spirit

Because we believe an individualized holistic approach to therapy produces the most positive, lasting changes

Our treatment is based on best medical practice and evidence-based medicine.
This keeps us on the cutting edge of addiction recovery and treatment, and ensures that you will get the best possible care.

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You come first

Your needs determine the course of treatment we select for you, and may incorporate any or all of the treatment and therapy modalities we typically use. Recovery plans can last from 30-90 days, and begin with stabilization because we need to get the antagonist out of your system before we can do any meaningful work. But once you’re stable (sober or clean), our therapists can go after the root cause of your problem. And by the end of your program, you can be set free once and for all. Unfortunately, not every individual can do this. But we do have a very high success rate at Greenestone, if you are willing to follow the program we create for you. Your motivation and readiness are key to your overall success!

BalanceLife’s a balancing act

We treat the whole you at Greenestone, not just the symptoms of your present condition (like uncontrollable drinking). The ancient Greeks had a simple way of looking at this. Perfection and well-being in their culture was based on balancing and harmonizing body, mind, and spirit. Treatment at Greenstone follows a very similar mindset.



The GreeneStone Pledge

  • We will always treat you with compassion, dignity, and respect
  • We will treat the whole you, not just your “dis-ease” or addiction
  • We will partner with you, not boss you in your recovery program
  • We will help create a support system of staff, alumni, and family so you don’t have to go it alone any more

From one of our clients…

  • This is by far the nicest rehabilitation center in Ontario. Yes it is on the pricey side, but you get what you pay for-- one on one counselling, a team of doctors, a 24 hr nursing staff, and they provide the tools to live an alcohol free life. There is also an indoor pool, outdoor pool, sauna, yoga room, weight room and cardio room.

If you’ve been drinking or using drugs (prescription or street) for any length of time, you need to take better care of yourself. Period! Those years of abuse can take a huge toll on your body, which makes it all but impossible to feel well emotionally. But eating right, exercising, and restful sleep can heal that damage and reward you with many more years of “good health”.

But before we start any recovery program at Greenestone we need to make sure your body is free from alcohol or drugs, so we begin a “Stabilization” period with a gentle, medically assisted detox. We will also provide nutritional guidance to make sure every cell in your body is getting the nourishment it needs, and can even enroll you in a weight-loss or weight-gain program if that’s an issue. And being the resort we are, we also have a variety of recreational opportunities for exercise including…

  • Indoor and Outdoor Pools
  • Tennis and Shuffle Board Courts
  • Weight and Fitness Rooms
  • Sauna and Therapeutic Massage
  • Yoga and Pilates Classes
  • Golf at a Neighboring Course
  • Woodland Trails, Fishing, and Kayaking

Actually, there are several areas to consider here because your mind controls different aspects of your psyche, including…

  • Reasoning: This simply is your ability to make sense of the world and react to it in a logical manner. Unfortunately, some of the things we believe about ourselves or the world are wrong, and can lead to a kind of twisted thinking. So you will have to make changes in what you believe and how you think in order to free yourself from the millstones of addiction or substance abuse (and there is a difference here that we address as well). Our therapists can help you realize what those changes are, and help you make them.
  • Feelings: How you feel generally depends on how you react to stress. Some of us blow up, and some of us bury our real feelings so deeply, we aren’t even aware of them. Part of our job is to help you find better ways to express and experience your feelings, defuse or cope with excess stress, and learn to enjoy life again.
  • Relationships: Isolation is a major component of any addictive disorder. But by rebuilding relationships with family, friends, and yourself… you will become part of a bigger picture, and experience living in a new way.

We combine different kinds of therapy and counselling to give you better control of the way you react to life’s curve balls. Actually, part of what we’re trying to do is to get you to respond (which is a conscious choice) rather than react (which is an instinctual one) to the world around you.

This is that mysterious “something else” that most of us (even scientists like Einstein!) know is out there. Modern quantum physics calls it the guiding hand of the universe, a kind of unmeasurable consciousness that pervades all matter and energy. Of course we don’t promote any specific religious philosophy at GreeneStone, but we do try to help you identify what it is that you actually believe… because understanding that can help enhance the quality of life for you and speed recovery. This is also an especially vital component if you wish to include an optional 12 Step Program as part of your recovery process.

This is so important that we make sure you have time in your daily schedule for internal reflection or getting in touch with this often neglected side of who you are. Meditation, guided readings, Yoga, and just walking in the woods or along the shore of Lake Muskoka can help you develop in this area.

FamilyFamilies matter

We understand how important it is for you to have support from family, friends, and even your co-workers. After all you don’t live in a vacuum, so the people around you need to understand what you’re going through and what a courageous and difficult act it is. We offer special classes and counseling for spouses and other family members to educate them about your recovery and how you are being treated, so when you come home, they won’t undo the positive changes you’ve already made in your life.

Families can also be instrumental in initiating an INTERVENTION PLAN. This tough love approach literally issues an ultimatum and a stern warning to the addict or substance abuser that life can’t and won’t continue the way it’s been going. Treatment then becomes the only option.

Followup and aftercare

These are two crucial parts of your recovery program. We want to be certain when you return to your home and work environment that you have mastered the social skills you’ll need to overcome those tempting situations, which you are sure to face. So we’ll be there to help, not to police you, with our partners in outpatient care. If you need us, we’ll be there with you arm in arm, so you can remain sober or clean despite the curves life throws at you.

Physician referrals

Personal physicians often need to find a suitable alcohol or drug rehabilitation center for their patients. If you are a medical doctor or other health care practitioner and have a patient complaining of an alcohol or drug abuse problem, rest assured our clinical staff is more than competent to handle any situation.

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Corporate clients

Employees are the lifeblood of any company, and certainly your most valuable asset. But if a key employee, manager, or C-level executive has fallen under the influence of alcohol or drug abuse… not only will his work suffer, but so will the financial health of your company. With times as tough as they are today, no company can afford a “weak link” anywhere in the chain of command. And if the abuser is in a sensitive position (a fireman, policeman, or air traffic controller for instance), not treating his addiction could lead to catastrophic results. If an employee comes to you with a problem, or if you suspect a problem exists, please contact Dr. Teslak, C. Psych. Psychologist to learn about the corporate wellness programs we have available.

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